Immunotherapy Approaches

  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Adoptive Cell Therapy
  • Oncolytic Virus Therapy


  • Allows immune system to identify and attack cancer cells
  • Immune response can adapt over time to prevent recurrence and continue to protect the body after treatment
  • Can combine different immune-targeted therapies to enhance patient response

Future of Cancer Research

We are entering a new era in cancer therapy, as innovative science brings new hope to patients everywhere. After years of stalled progress, immune-targeted therapies are delivering on their promise and redefining what it means to treat cancer. Guided By Science aims to keep you informed on the latest progress and developments in the evolving cancer therapy landscape.

Immunotherapies harness the natural power of our immune system to target and fight disease. Advancements in science and technology have brought about a new wave of promising cancer immunotherapies. This burgeoning field of immuno-oncology (IO) is revolutionizing how we perceive and treat cancer.


In less than 10 years, immunotherapy is projected to form the backbone of over . By conservative estimates, this translates to a projected market value of over .


The Immune System’s Natural Power

The immune system is naturally capable of identifying and destroying cancerous cells. Only cancers that adapt to evade this immune suppression can grow and survive.  aim to reawaken our immune defenses and generate a targeted anti-cancer response.

Immunotherapy: A New Era in Cancer Care​



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